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The Health Savings Alliance is working to educate policy-makers and the public about the health and financial benefits of health savings accounts (HSAs) and HSA health plans. The coalition understands that Americans need financial and health security; and believes health savings accounts are a valuable option for individuals and families.
You can protect the valuable health care and financial benefits that health savings accounts and HSA health plans provide to millions of Americans by simply sharing your story with your representatives in Congress. Continue lending your voice by telling others who have HSAs, or who care about rising health care costs, to join the effort.

Thousands of people from all walks of life are sharing with Congress — through letters, phone calls and emails — their personal stories about how they and their family have benefited from the affordability and security of having an HSA.

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While on a family vacation 3 years ago, my husband and I were awakened to, "Mom, Dad, Cari's not breathing!" Our 11 year old always healthy daughter, suffered a cardiac arrest. Fortunately we were covered by Golden Rule and had an HSA account.

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